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Service Terms and Condition

Service Agreement

Siamtopup services are based upon both topup cards and electronic cashcards retailing and wholesaling in the form of Automated-Online-Services. Are you interested in taking part? Kindly, read our Service Agreement / Service terms and conditions along with detailed regulations guided as follows:

1. Registrants are subjected to a registration fee of 300 prior usage and a monthly fee of 50 Baht/month for each and every month usage within Siamtopup continues or is in effect. Registrants are willing to take responsibility for any deposit transaction fees that are related to payment of registration fees. Registration fees are subjected to change in which we will issue a notice prior effectiveness.

2. Topup Services and Cashcards are processed immediately and automatically upon request. Usually, in normal circumstances, users' mobile phones are credited almost immediately. Otherwise, failure of the operator's network can dramatically slow down processing times, which is the cause for slow crediting time as well. In cases where request were not fulfilled within 10 minutes please contact our call center before returning the customer's money. Siamtopup always return a notice to all members if any error persists.

3. Siamtopup is ONLY responsible in the request handling process. Members must always check for any given phone number / amount / or any customer's given information to be assured for correctiveness before sending in request(s). In case the request's to an incorrect mobile number resulted in a success, please use our refund tool to refund back that amount. The amount refunded will be the very same amount the operator returns. Furthermore, refunding in the case of success has a operator processing fee where member must held in account for. In other cases where transaction resulted in failure, Siamtopup will refund that amount without any deductions.


Member requested topup for 082-111-1111 (AIS 1-2-Call Operator)
Case 1 Given the right operator and the right number SUCCESS
Case 2

Given the right operator but a wrong number from a different operator

FAILURE Siamtopup refunds full amount to member
Case 3

Given the right operator but a wrong number from the same operator

SUCCESS Member requests refund from operator with a processing fee of 3 Baht and will receive an amount equal to what the operator returns

4. Profitable returns, discounts, and bonuses are subjected to change at all times.
This happens because the service operator or the manufacturer might make a change in discounts or bonuses
on a given service. Although, services are subject to certain changes, prior notice will be given.

5. Cancellation of membership / Problem(s) under unusual circumstances
Siamtopup will immediately cancel membership of a user upon request after a substantial level
of ownership verification is being met. Members requesting cancellation is willing to be verified and identified in each step of the procedure.

In case of cancellation, any leftover balances can be transferred to an already verified banking account of such member only. Siamtopup will not put up a fee for such transfer. Transferable amount are subjected to only deposit amounts but not from any form of bonuses. Although cancellation is in progress, member are allowed to use his/her bonuses to fund transaction(s). Bonuses are non-transferable.

6. Siamtopup is not Direct Sales but it is a business that allow its member to access a variety of payment services where they can further retail or give service for people who seek such services. Our policy denys Ponzi scheme or any of such type. Members are allowed to access services immediately after registration. Member cash deposits will never be use for any other purposed undefined!

7. Returns/Profits aside from member allocations are for Advertisement and Marketing purposes only. If such allot for advertisement or marketing has been disbanded, prior notification of 7 days or more will be given to members. Siamtopup has the rights to avoid any additional payments to member(s) regarding the following situations:

7.1 If in any way a member tries to manipulate his/her account balance by depositing, which causes bonus, withdraw them without the intention to actually use the service Siamtopup is providing.

7.2 If Siamtopup found incorrect statement balances, whether where the cause might be, members are willing to return any incorrect balance value. Before any deductions Siamtopup will notify its member to explain the situation first.

8. Siamtopup payment services aren't based on electronic money Members requesting service from Siamtopup must come from a cash-backed deposit to his/her Siamtopup account. In any case, where Siamtopup suspects counterfeiting, money laundering, or any manipulating of such kind that might subject to criminal activity, we will make observations immediately.

9. In any disagreement, where Siamtopup is not involve for whatsoever the cause might be either it's between individuals or parties. Siamtopup will not held any responsibility nor grant any kind of aid and will not take part with its member, but is willing to take part as a coordinator depending on certain circumstances that suits that particular situation.

10. Siamtopup serves members promising returns and bonuses for what's only mentioned on our web-site Any individual or parties with any intension to disclose misleading information, false advertisement, or any form of bad intension that might cause damage to Siamtopup, property of any individual, or corporation.

Siamtopup will not held any responsibility on such situation. Although, if any sources of such situation is observable and/or might lead to any member(s), Siamtopup will terminate services for each member(s) involved. Siamtopup will also take legal actions immediately.

11. Username and Password of each SiamTopup accounts are rights of its respective registrant/owners Owner/Registrant of such account must give importance to security details upon creation, usage, and giving out account information to others. In any cases, where any damage has a root cause from the user itself, whether knowing or without knowing, Siamtopup will not held responsibility for such damage.

Referral & Referral Bonuses Terms and Condition

1. Siamtopup allows its servicing members, namely "Referrer", to disclose advertisement to gain referrals from new members, namely "Referrals", and receive referral bonuses. Information regarding referral bonuses can be found on our web-site. This form of referrals is not a Ponzi Scheme, but is a bonus for its referrer only, because these bonuses can be dismantled to prevent new bonuses.

2. SiamTopup agrees on Cash Rewards for registered member who deposits to fund up his/her Siamtopup account to use Siamtopup services. Cash Rewards is given according to the percentage found on our web-site only. Cash Rewards is subjected to change and cancellation.

3. Linking and Referrer Advertisement that disclose misleading information of any kind that might lead to any false assumption causing any kind of damage to individual's or corporate's properties, fame, or any other not mentioned. Siamtopup will not held any responsibility for such kind of damage.


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