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How to Register

How to Register

1. Register on website pages (Fill in personal information completely true. System send code OTP. Via SMS.)
2. Payment register 300 baht through bank accounts (Check bank account is company on page. "Deposit")
3.Copy deposit slips and ID card send it to our staff FAX: 02-9786891 or E-mail:
4. The 'notice of payment normally' stated in the remarks 'Send documents to our staff through............(FAX or E-mail)
5. Wait staff check, Getting started with Website Siamtopup status ACTIVE

The process of Register for APP (Address Proof Password)

Is system a security measure to subscribers .To confirm the identity of a member. And for the benefit of its members in increasing the confidence of the customers.And transactions via Siamtopup

(Siamtopup theservice charge is only 50 baht / month)


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