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Frequently Asked Questions

: Why choose SiamTopup?
: Siamtopup is a robot-automated topup system, via internet, allowing 24 hours service for all members. One of the reason we are highly trusted because we do not give out credit loan which means we never give away your money to others, it's alway yours! So, creating transaction is only limited by your Siamtopup account balance, the amount of credits plus discounts that were collected from previous transactions.

The best point in this business is low start-up cost and scalability! Which means you are able to supply a small amount at first and more after you start handling more and more customers when there are more transactions. The reason for low start-up cost is because you can use the very same money given by your customer, at times of service, to fund your Siamtopup account over again in a circular manner, while creating new profits. By the way, the discount are immediately given at the time the transaction is made, so no more waiting for your profit at the end of the day or end of the month!

Siamtopup creates an opportunity for business starters with limited/low capital or individuals who might already own or work for a business and are interested in making extra profits.
: How to start with Siamtopup?

: Starting up with Siamtopup requires a computer/mobile/tablet with internet connectivity to access our registration section at our website Complete the registration by filling up our guided registration forms and pay a one-time registration fee via bank deposit and inform your payment. After your account status turns ACTIVE you can start funding up your Siamtopup account and make transactions! Transaction(s) is/are limited to your Siamtopup account balance which includes your deposits and discount from us.

: What to do next? I've already registered
: New registrations are always treated as INACTIVE account. INACTIVE account are unable to create transaction just yet. Once a one-time registration fee payment has been confirmed your status will turn to ACTIVE.

Once ACTIVE you are able to make deposits to fund up your Siamtopup account via our corporate banking accounts. Your deposits makes up your Siamtopup account balance where all transaction amount minus discounts are deducted from. A single notice, your newly registered ACTIVE account's balance are set zeroed (0). Important Notice! Once deposits to fund up your Siamtopup are made always remember to INFORM YOUR PAYMENTS. We have a system for our members to inform payments located at the top menu bar.

Your Siamtopup account's balance are funded up equally with the amount you deposited. Once your Siamtopup balance is funded you are just ready to make some transactions! You will collect from your customers in cash after giving out services. The cash is yours, and you can keep, manage, or deposit back to fund your Siamtopup account for more.
: How do I have a profit?

: First off all, let's categorize your profit into two parts.

1. Transaction Discounts: Your transaction profit comes in the form of transaction discounts. For instance, if you topup a TRUE (operator) Pre-paid customer of a 100 Baht [TRUE: 5% discount rate (Please re-check on our front page again for further changes)]. On our system you will be inform before the confirmation step, the amount due which equals to the service's price minus discount, for which in this case you will get a total deduction of 100 - 5% = 95 Baht. While your Siamtopup account balance is deducted a total of 95 Baht, you will profit from the difference between the service amount and the amount you collect from your customer.

2. Referral Bonus: If a new registration is being submitted with your Username as the referrer of that registration, you will receive 50% the of the registration fee (added directly to your Siamtopup account) once the registration fee payment has been confirmed. Secondly, you will also receive a monthly bonus of 50% the amount of monthly fee from all of your ACTIVE referrals, by the way, your username status must also be ACTIVE in order to receive this type of profit.

: Which mobile operators are supported by Siamtopup?

: Currently, we support all mobile operators. Aside from that we had electronic cashcards for sale in our system as well.

Kindly, find out more at our services page.

: How to turn an INACTIVE status to ACTIVE?

: An ACTIVE status of a user means that user's one-time registration fee payment has been made. An ACTIVE status of a user stays as long as a regular monthly extension fee is be. An ACTIVE user also gains access to Referral Bonus receivables from all referrals (directly transferred into your Siamtopup Account).

User with INACTIVE status are unable to make transactions and is incapable of receiving any Referral Bonus,

Yet without futher ado and currently a newly registered user, please make payment for a one-time registration submission fee and kindly inform your payment using our payment inform page. To login into the system you must use the registered username and password to login to the system. Once in the system you can inform your registration fee payment (Choose Normal). After your payment has been confirmed your user status will be updated to ACTIVE (Confirmation Time: less than 1 day).

If you are previously ACTIVE user, whos status are currently INACTIVE, kindly deposit an amount equals to or more than our monthly extension fee into your Siamtopup account. Next step, please inform payment with the amount deposited. Lastly, kindly allow us sometime to confirm your payment, once done, your account is ready for action once more!


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