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Siamtopup is?

Website provides prepaid mobile phone through online.Card game, cards, cash cards messaging phone. SMS etc. For mobile stores Distribution of mobile Internet game store or other stores or individuals looking for extra income. Prepaid mobile online, is a source of income. Invest less and earn more profits.

Prepaid traditional problem

Problems faced in the distribution of prepaid cards traditional.Very costly in time , you need to keep a stock card.You need to buy a lot to be able to buy them at low price.Including multiple cards and multiple camps available. The need to invest a much higher number . In exchange for a little profit And sometimes some customers may not know how to use prepaid cards require you to spend time to recharge to customers.

เInitiate the service Siamtopup

Nowadays, Computers , Smart Phones and the Internet,dont have a role in daily life tremendously. Conducting business via the Internet It was a better choice for you, but you have Internet access , you can provide customers immediately anytime with a wide range of use along with a high level of security studies . With the new prepaid online .SiamTopup

How to apply

2. Pay a fee 300 baht
3.Copy deposit slips and ID card send it to our staff
4.Notification of Payment you transfer(Normal) Waiting for activation
5.Leave a reserve to pay for their own pockets.
6. Start Online and Earn Instant Money

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